The Strategy of the Austrian Federal Government for Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 (AIM AT 2030) was adopted in 2021, in order to be able to realize the opportunities of AI for Austria and to minimize the potential risks.

Advances in science, technology and innovation place new demands on the development of individual knowledge and skills, and artificial intelligence is an essential key to being successful in digital change.


The digital skills targets in the Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 focus on following pillars:

Possibilities offered by digitization in general and AI in particular


For this it is essential that all citizens  acquire digital skills and constantly develops them further. Based on the Austrian Digital Competence Framework (DigComp 2.2 AT), a holistic implementation approach should be used, including digital competence assessment tools, tailor-made learning models, and common approaches and recognition of digital competence certifications, especially in a professional context.

Digital tools with a focus on artificial intelligence for the area of (professional and private) adult education


Interactive tools are designed for self-assessment of existing knowledge and skills in the field of AI and to show in which areas of competence further training is recommended and to present specific opportunities for the training.

Strengthening the basic skills in STEM


Basic skills in STEM enquired for the use and development of AI in the entire education chain, in particular the establishment and expansion of the area of ​​AI in general education and the vocational higher schools. Measures to promote interest in STEM topics in children and young people at an early stage and to identify talents in this regard.

With this strategy, the Austrian Federal Government defined ambitious goals for dealing with AI. In line with the complexity of the topic, the AIM AT 2030 strategy is to be seen as the beginning of a process that will be subject to ongoing development. 

The full text of Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 - AIM AT 2030 is available in German.

Strategy Details


The Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 (AIM AT 2030) will be financed from the Austria state budget, with contribution through EU funding. 

Digital skill level
Digital expert
Digital technology / specialisation
Artificial Intelligence
Digital skills
Geographic scope
Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Target language
Adoption in 2021. Actions for period 2021-2030.

The strategy is coordinated by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. More than 160 experts from a variety of disciplines (technology, economics, natural sciences to law, social sciences or educational sciences) were involved in the development of the strategy. The strategy also includes broad participation of civil society organizations, intermediaries, and citizens in the implementation of the measures.

Type of initiative
National initiative