Digital Growth Strategy 2025 is a joint vision of the Danish government, in collaboration with various industries and sectors, trade associations, and social partners.

The objective of the Danish strategy is to contribute to the digital transformation processes on a national level, and support the development of a highly-skilled talent pool of qualified professionals. The strategy contains 6 pillars and 38 concrete initiatives, which aim to secure and enhance Denmark’s position as an EU leading country in the digital transformation and digital skills area.

Digital skills objectives

  • Working towards improving the digital skills of children, and in general from an early age, through testing a new subject on technology in primary and lower secondary education classes. 
  • Bridging the skills mismatch and offer relevant training and skills to support individuals' development in today and tomorrow's labour market. Activities launched within this context aim to increase employment levels and satisfaction, and encourage the development of more digital talents in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 
  • Improving access to skills trainings and programmes for small and medium sized enterprises and enabling them to exploit the commercial potential of new and emerging technologies. 

 Foreseen activities

  • A Technology Pact for skills to enable a technological and digital future.
  • A test programme to improve technological understanding in primary and lower secondary education. 
  • The creation of a Centre for the application of IT in teaching in vocational education, to offer a greater focus on digital skills in final examinations for vocational education. 
  • A proposal for a Digital strategy for higher education. 
  • An action plan to attract more graduates to higher education programmes in STEM. 
  • Promoting increased use of satellite-based data in higher education. 

The strategy is a joint vision of Danish government, different sector businesses and trade associations, and social partners.

Strategy Details


The Danish government will allocate 134 million EUR  for the strategy priorities implementation.

Digital skill level
Digital expert
Digital technology / specialisation
Digital skills
Geographic scope
Strategy state-of-play

The Strategy was accepted in 2018 and a wide range of initiatives, projects and programmes are in development to implement it. 

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Target language
Adoption - 2018. Actions for period 2020-2025.

 The strategy is a joint vision of the Danish government, different sector businesses and trade associations, and social partners.

Type of initiative
National initiative