Citizen’s Digital Academy is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Government of Greece  to enable the free access of all Greek citizens to high-quality digital education services.

The initiative gathers online educational material, available for free and accessible to all citizens, interested in improving their digital competences. Currently, more than 279 courses, including a variety of digital skills self-assessment tools are available on the government platform. The educational content is offered free of charge by organisations with recognised academic and educational prestige: Greek academic institutions, well-known international companies, banking institutions, telecommunications providers and digital education organisations. The courses address all levels of digital skills and focus on: 

Digital skills for citizens

  • Over 200 basic and advanced courses for citizens aimed at both those who need basic digital skills in their daily lives and those who want to further enrich their knowledge in new technologies.
  • Users can choose a course topic according to their own interest, and also adapt the difficulty level.

Digital skills for labour force

  • Courses and training programmes focusing on the labour force, such as 'work from home', 'office applications', and others. 

Digital skills for ICT specialists

  • Courses in this category target specifically specialists in the information technology (IT) sector, such as those employed in cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and others. 

The Greek Digital Citizens' Academy was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic also as an attempt to respond to the impact of the national lockdown and workforce and education displacement. It is a dynamic platform - and the number of topics and courses will continue to grow, covering even broader educational needs. More and more vendors will contribute educational content, enabling citizens to make more extended use of the Digital Citizens' Academy.

Strategy Details


No information available on budget. 

Digital skill level
Digital expert
Digital technology / specialisation
Digital skills
Geographic scope
Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Target language
Adoption -from 2020. Actions for period 2020 and onwards.

The initiative is governed by a team of experts from the Ministry of Digital Governance of Greece, in collaboration with Greek academics and experts in digital education, as well as international experts. 

Type of initiative
National initiative